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Our Core Strengths

Though one-size-fits-all strategies may be the common approach, we specialize in tailoring investment plans to fit your current situation, while providing a foundation for future growth. Our commitment extends beyond helping you pursue your goals. We believe that you deserve the highest standard of care possible. Free from the pressure of corporate and proprietary products, our advice, analysis, and strategies are always tailored to your unique situation.

We are especially proud of our ability to break down complex planning aspects, our value-driven approach, our knowledge of niche markets, and our client-centric process.

Keep it Simple

Chances are, if you turn on the nightly investment news or crack open a financial newspaper, you will be bombarded with terms and strategies that you don’t understand. While it’s important to understand how your portfolio is being built, we also understand that our clients may not have the time, desire, or knowledge to manage their finances. This is where we come in. We break down these topics into digestible bits that you can understand and do all the heavy lifting.


We don’t shy away from our love of family, ministry, and service but rather echo these values in everything we do at IWM Group. Our clients often share these characteristics, as well, and are dedicated to providing the best for their family, are interested in charitable giving, and would like their values reflected in their plans.


We consider ourselves some of the few financial professionals who have such a deep understanding of the Florida Retirement System. This intimate knowledge allows us to accurately serve you and your family and help you decipher the options available.

A Client-Centric Process

Clients often tell us how much they appreciate our planning process because it is solely focused on you and your needs. We also work multi-generationally with our clients and assess where they are today and where they want to be in the future.

We dedicate our decades of experience to helping you work towards your financial and lifetime goals. As champions of your success, we are driven to earn your trust, enhance your confidence, and empower you to live a truly rewarding life. Whatever you hope to accomplish, your goals are our top priority.